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Wandering Through Plasticland

Over 30 New Styles Just Added!

THIS WEEK: Over 30+ new styles just hit the site, including Corset Lace TUK Shoes, Shimmering Silver Octopus Bookends, Embroidered Rose Dresses, Day of the Dead Tote Bags, Darling Deer Necklaces, Octopus Print Tea Towels, Unique Hair Barrettes, Cute & Quirky Wallets, and Lots More!!!

Shop them all in Plasticland’s New Arrivals section.

New Arrivals at Plasticland!
SHOWN ABOVE (Left to Right): Laced Corset Oxford Shoes by T.U.K., Deep Sea Storytelling Octopus Bookends, Dark Blooms Distressed T-Shirt Dress, Embroidered Roses Floral Swing Dress, La Sirena Day of the Dead Mermaid Bag, Silver Oh Deer Necklace by Rebecca Berry, Seize the Day Octopus Tea Towel, Spanish Dancer Floral Fan Hair Clip, Black Cat Framed Cameo Hair Clip, Blood Roses Framed Cameo Hair Clip, Happy Hangout Sloth Print Clutch Wallet

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