Haunted Undead Unicorn Wall Art
Haunted Undead Unicorn Wall Art by Curioddity, Home Decor, Black

Haunted Undead Unicorn Wall Art

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Add some spooky style to your home decor with this Haunted Undead Unicorn wall art! Made from laser-engraved black acrylic, this large wall plaque features a strikingly spooky image of a unicorn skeleton with the ghostly silhouette of his departed unicorn body still lingering! Hang it on a wall to add a morbidly magical touch to your decor! This amazingly awesome piece is designed and made in the USA, exclusively by Plasticland. * HANGING HINT: Weave a black satin ribbon through the eyelet hole in the plaque and tie it in a bow at the top - then hang it from a nail by the ribbon - or, if you prefer something more simple, just hang the top scallop hole by a small nail and you're done.

  • Available Only At PLASTICLAND
  • 13" x 14"
  • Acrylic
  • Made in the USA

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