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DIY Hair Dye How-To Book
DIY Hair Dye How-To Book
DIY Hair Dye How-To Book
DIY Hair Dye How-To Book
DIY Hair Dye How-To Book by Ulysses Press Books, Books, Black

DIY Hair Dye How-To Book

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DIY Dye is a complete guide to creating the latest brightly colored hair looks at home, from neon-pink streaks and rainbow tips to purple highlights and deep blue tints. Punky colored hair isnít just for anarchists anymore; these new looks are being rocked by everyone from top models on the runway to regular women on the job. Now, DIY Dye brings together, into one helpful and handy do-it-at-home guide, all the latest and greatest ways to create an iridescent ído just for you. This comprehensive manual lays out all the options and materials to use, explains how to use them most effectively, and describes what different types of hair will do in reaction. With step-by-step instructions for every style from two-tone to ombre to a full head of highlighter-hued hair, this complete guide to the wonderful world of home hair dye leaves no follicle untouched.

  • 7.5" x 9.5"
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781612432809
  • 96 Pages

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